Please consult the official Calvin Camp Rules and Calvin Camp Discipline Policy for further information.

These Rules MUST be agreed to and followed by all campers attending Calvin Camp.  Campers agree that any breaking of these rules may result in disciplinary action or removal from Camp.

Respect for Authority

  • I will attend and get involved in all scheduled Camp activities
  • I will listen to all announcements
  • I will not work on crafts, write letters, etc. during meetings.
  • I will give all of my medications to the Nurse.
  • I will stay out of the kitchen (health code).
  • I will not leave camp grounds without permission from a full-time staff member.
  • I will follow reasonable direction from all Camp Staff.

Respect for Others

  • I will not cause or participate in any fights or bullying.
  • I will not use profane or vulgar language.
  • I will not bring cell phones, radios, CD players, MP3 players, portable TVs, electronic games, or skateboards to Camp.
  • Girls and Boys will stay out of each others’ rooms. (This is State Law)
  • I will not take part in pranks or raids.
  • I will leave other people’s things alone.
  • I will not have food or water fights in buildings, or damage Camp property.
  • I will be in bed and quiet by ‘Lights Out’ 
Respect for Creation

  • I will stay on marked trails when hiking and exploring.
  • I will not pick wildflowers, damage plants or trees, or throw rocks, pinecones, or sticks.
  • I will leave wild animals alone.
  • I will not climb trees or cliffs or attempt the ropes course or obstacle courses unless it is a scheduled activity.
  • I will not play with fire.
  • I will not litter.

Respect for Self

  • I will not bring or use drugs, alochol, tobacco, or illegal substances at Camp.
  • I will not wear indecent clothing while at Camp. My shorts will be modest and I will not wear questionable tops – no midriffs or spaghetti straps.
  • I will keep my shoes on unless I am in my cabin or room.
  • I will not engage in physical contact with a member of the opposite gender.
  • I will keep my space and Camp area neat and tidy. 


Alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, and other drugs are prohibited for all campers and staff. Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate dismissal from camp.

Please consult the Packing List for items to bring to Camp and NOT to bring to Camp